Phase Two: The Caterpillar

One of my favorite childhood books was "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle, for no other reason than the caterpillar got to eat whatever it wanted. For a week the caterpillar ate a whole bunch of "stuff" but it was still hungry. It ate so much that it even got sick with a tummy ache. It wasn't until it ate a nice green leaf that it started to feel better and wasn't hungry anymore. In real life the caterpillar (after emerging from the egg) only feeds on a milkweed leaf. How does this apply you ask? Let's take a walk through Phase Two and connect it to our spiritual development.

So the egg has hatched the caterpillar and the first thing that the caterpillar eats is the egg that it just came out of. It then eats the leaf that it is standing on and starts its growth process. The only thing that the caterpillar does in this 9-15 day time period of being a caterpillar is EAT! So what does this mean? The scripture says in John 6:57 I live because of the living father who sent me; in the same way, anyone who feeds on me will live because of me. The father is the original source of life and we literally live because of him. So what are you eating? -not physically but spiritually

The entire Chapter 6 (in John) is Jesus proclaiming that he is the "bread of life". So in our spiritual development we need to be on a very strict diet. We should only feed on HIM! When we feed on him daily we start to grow at an increasingly fast rate. It's the only way that we can move to the next phase. In just about two weeks the caterpillar sheds its skin about 5 times. This is because it eats all the time and it grows so fast that it has to shed its old skin. The caterpillar grows the new skin UNDER the old one. How cool is that? The work starts on the inside and shedding your old skin is the most important part of the cycle (my opinion). I believe it to be the most important because if you're not eating, you don't get full and you don't grow. So, shedding of the old skin is the key indicator that you are getting ready to transform.

Feeding on Jesus is necessary for GROWTH

Eating is a necessary response to a felt NEED! When you are hungry you eat, when you are thirsty you drink. But, the world has a way of feeding us a bunch of "stuff" that masks our TRUE hunger and thirst, so we live life with that masked and we're not fed or quenched until we feed on the bread of life.

Feeding on Jesus is necessary for LIFE ETERNALLY

Eating only benefits you when you ACTUALLY eat. You don't get a meal, smell it and then become full. It doesn't make sense to analyze it or to post memes about how good it is when you've actually never had it. Eating is personal, your mom cant eat for you and you get the benefit of being full or nourished. So you have to open your bible and read it for yourself. You have to feed yourself, because if you wait on someone else to bring you a plate you could literally starve. Go and feed on Jesus for and by yourself. It's the only way to make it to the next phase. The implication here is that we should eat often to be closer to God, to grow and to have life eternally. Most of us eat three meals a day with snacks in between and when we don't eat we feel weak and vulnerable to disease. To be healthy we must read and meditate on God's word DAILY!

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