Champion: Bethel Music ft Dante Bowe

He brings us to VICTORY every time!!!!! This is such a powerful song and I hope that you leave this page with more authority than you entered with after reading through the "Lyric Breakdown" and listening to my cover. I first heard this song while attending a revival at Worship With Wonders Church in Marietta, GA. When I tell you that it wrecked me and has been in my spirit EVER SINCE. You're about to find out why...

** My annotations/reactions are in PINK**

Verse 1:

I've tried so hard to see it

Took me so long to believe it

That you choose someone like me

To carry your victory

me: God are you sure you want me to do this?

God: Where is your faith? The victory is already won!

Perfection could never earn it

My God *starts balling* I don't have to be perfect!

You give what we don't deserve it

*still balling* Lord, I'm not worthy!

And you take the broken things And raise them to glory

*really still balling* Raise me up Lord, it's me, I'm broken


You are my Champion

in case you didn't know, a CHAMPION is:

a person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition

Giants fall when you stand undefeated

when my God gets ups, the biggest "things" fall. He is standing UNDEFEATED!

Every battle you've won

I am who you say I am

*reminds myself to write down all of who God says that I am*

You crown me with confidence

I am seated in the heavenly place undefeated With the one who has conquered it all

because I am in him, I also stand UNDEFEATED! Thank you Lord!

Verse 2:

Now I can finally see it

Thank you Lord for revelation knowledge, thank you Holy Spirit for opening my eyes

You're teaching me how to receive it

So let all the striving cease

Wow! I can literally stop striving, because the VICTORY is already won!

This is my victory


When I lift my voice and shout Every wall comes crashing down I have the authority Jesus has given me When I open up my mouth Miracles start breaking out I have the authority Jesus has given me

Let me just say that this entire bridge is a life changing declaration. When you use the power and authority that Jesus has given you, anything can happen. Imagine that when you open your mouth and entire wall came crashing down JUST BECAUSE you have the power of the blood of Jesus. This part of the song makes me truly feel like a Champion, like there is nothing that I can not do.

Father God, I thank you that I am a champion seated in heavenly places with YOU! Thank you for giving me and trusting me with the power and authority to be able to speak miracles into existence. Thank you that I don't have to be perfect to please you. I am exactly who you say that I am. Fearfully and Wonderfully made and the apple of your eye. The victory is already won! In Jesus Name. Amen

xO Butterfly

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