My Doctor MUST be Crazy!

When you find Jesus life doesn’t (seem to) get pretty or easy. Life actually (seems to) gets harder.

When you find Jesus, you find the war! I know that’s the last thing that we want to hear as believers. Why would we go and follow someone knowing that life could get harder? Why would we give our lives to God just so that we have to fight harder. Well, I don’t know everything but I know that the reward is greater. I remember one time reading a prescription packet for medicine and the side effects made me think to my self


Why would he prescribe me medication that can give me disease or thin blood or increased heart rate? I was so confused and I didn’t take the medicine. But, I in turn stayed sick. For days I contemplated, if the side effects could actually happen. So, just when I got tired of being sick I picked up the medicine and read the information again, this time reading further. I read across a part that was something similar to the lines of “if your doctor prescribed you this medicine, your doctor believes that the benefits from consumption are greater than the risks associated with it”. So, I took the medicine because I figured that doctor has got to be smarter than me, he went to school for this. I can follow Jesus and obey God and trust his will because God has got to be smarter than me. He created me for Pete’s sake. I can choose life with Jesus no matter what the worldly adverse side effects are because I know that the benefits of following, obeying and trusting are greater than the risk of having to fight harder. If I have to fight a few demons because they’re standing in the way of me gaining my inheritance, so be it. God hasn’t just thrown us on the field to fight with no guidance. He’s equipped us with an entire armor. Choosing not to have a life with Jesus because of the responsibility that it comes with is like God giving us the armor to fight and win the battle but we don’t put it on because it’s heavier than we imagined or we don’t like the color sword that he gave us. If the win is in the armor, I wouldn’t care if as soon as I put it on I fell straight to the ground, I’m putting on that armor. That heavy armor could literally save my life, who am I to choose death because it’s heavy? That sword could be the weapon I use for victory, who am not to bring it to the fight because it’s not the color I prefer? Im choosing to fight harder. I’m choosing to take the medicine. I’m choosing to wear the heavy armor. I’m choosing to use the sword even though I don’t like the color. I’m choosing a life with Jesus. I’m choosing VICTORY and so should you.

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